Dropkick Murphys – Amsoil Arena – Duluth MN – October 18th 2023

DECC Amsoil Arena presents Dropkick Murphys with special guests The Interrupters and Jesse Ahern

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Jesse opened the show with just himself and an acustic guitar. I saw him open last time around when Dropkick was doing their acoustic tour in Minneapolis last year. He is an amazing song writer and singer. He plays Irish working man songs like if you were hangin out in a bar in Boston. He is amazing. He also spent a ton of time meeting with the fans at his booth after his set. He should not be looked over when going to the shows.


The Interrupters were up next. I know the name but I have never seen them live before. Right off the bat they were amazing. They are from LA and have a punk ska feel. They were formed in 2011 and have 4 albums under their belt. They had so much energy throughout the set they had the whole place moving. Amiee Allen is the lead singer and never stops throughout the show. She also gets into the crowd and is very interactive with the crowd. The rest of the band is three brothers. Kevin Justin and Jesse. They are just as energetic as Amiee. In the crowd I saw tons of their shirts and a guy with a sign about how this was his fourth show. If you are a fan of any high energy punk or ska music you have to listen to this band. I won’t miss them again if they are in my town.


So it all started with my buddy asking me to go tot he show about 5 days before the concert. Their PR was so great in getting this late request approved. Duluth is about 2 hours north of the Twin Cities so it was a nice road trip up north for the show. This band always bring it it no matter where they are playing. I saw them last year on the acoustic show here in Minneapolis so coming up here to see an rocking show was a no brainer. No this time around they are missing singer Al Barr. He is out with family emergency I believe so Ken has the reigns tonight. It was still a great show even without him there, but family comes first. They did mostly songs from Signed and Sealed in Blood. Then the rest of the set was from most of their other releases. Now these guys are another working man’s band so there are a lot of beer drinking and bar like signing at the show. These guys will always say what’s on there mind. It might just have been me but they put a lot of energy into this show tonight. Now the great thing at the end was Ken was standing there taking selfies with some people in the front. As we got closer we realized he isn’t going anywhere. He stood there at the front of the stage and did selfies with everyone waiting. We got one and thanked him for the show. He couldn’t have been nicer. This goes to show they are a true working man’s band.