Dirkschneider – Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St. Paul MN – January 14th 2017

Leo Presents and St Paul Amsterdam Bar & Hall present Dirkschneider!!

UDO has not been back in the Twin Cities in 20 plus years. We were all more than excited to see him up close and personal tonight.\

Out in force was The Twin Cities metal heads to see and hear the original voice of Accept.

UDO is on Back to the Roots – Farewell to Accept tour.

Then band was incredible tonight, Udo sounded fantastic. The set list was unreal to a fan.

Some of these songs we never thought we would here. Bravo to the sound man

Set list was cut short by 2 songs but no problem the show was over 2 hours. Incredible they can sound this good after all these years.

Here is the full set list for the show. Starlight – Living for Tonight – Flash Rockin’ Man – London Leatherboys – Midnight Mover – Breaker – Head Over Heels – Neon Nights – Princess of the Dawn – Winterdreams – Restless and Wild – Son of a Bitch – Up to the Limit – Wrong is Right – Midnight Highway – Screaming For a Love Bite – Monsterman – T.V. War – Losers & Winners

Encore – Metal Heart – Fast As a Shark – Ball to the Wall

Check out more tour dates here. Do not miss this show!


Also check out the albums by UDO – all his solo stuff is worth having.