Death Angel – Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St. Paul MN – November 23rd 2019

Kyle Hansen RKH Images; (

First Avenue and 93x The Pit presents Death Angel Humanicide Tour with Exmortus and Hellfire.

After traveling for two weeks in the Highlands of Scotland I was excited to get back into the states and see some metal. This particular show was one us metalheads were waiting for cause it was Death Angels first headlining show in 8 years in Minnesota.

Opening was Hellfire. This was the bands first time in Minnesota. I really was into these guys right from the first tune. They reside in Oakland California but you could swear they were a band from the 80’s on a reunion tour. They have the sound that some of us are always looking for. Deuling guitars like priest, melodic solos and vocals in the likes of Saxon or Exciter. They had a very short set but was a great start to the metal evening. If you are into NWOBHM check these dues out. HELLFIRE

Exmortus was up next and man did they have a story to tell. Their van hit some black ice in Canada and slammed into a guard railing. The trailer and van were toast and they did not want to miss any of the tour so they started a fundraiser online for a new trailer and van. They got enough money to cotinue right away. Tonight they drove 20 hours straight from Seattle to make it to the show tonight. And what does a metal band that is dedicated to their craft do, they rip the place apart. They were on fire. They have a little more growling vocals than Hellfire but their music is heavy and fast. I would put them more in the early thrash metal category. Saw them open for someone a while back and was blown away. They are in support of their latest release Legions of the Undead. Make sure to If you want to support the bands van and trailer fund click HERE. If you need more info on the band click HERE.

Death Angel finally has a headlining gig in Minnesota. Now they have been here several times over the past few years but it is always an opening gig. Last time was for Overkill and they realized they needed to do a proper gig here and they delivered. I consider them as one of the original trash bands. They are totally different then anyone else out there. The music has so many riffs and changes throughout the songs and albums it makes most other bands seem so boring. The place was packed right before they started and that come into play with the photos. I could not get close enough to the stage so just kept it in back and shot away. The mosh pits were big during the first two bands but doubled during Death Angel and did not stop until the end of the performance. A few guys coming out toward the end were so exhausted and sweaty, they took full advantage of the pit. I myself retired from the pit in 2000 in a Slayer pit. I figure at 30 that was time time to step aside. The guys were in support of Humanicide. This is just like any other Death Angel album full of wicked riffs and demanding in your face metal. The band has been putting out albums ever three years since their evolution and reformation so this should hold us until 2022. It was grim when they were not around and all of us are so glad that we have them with us again and look forward to the future with Death Angel. For tour dates and more info click HERE.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen.