Dashboard Confessional – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – February 25th 2020

First Avenue presents Dashboard Confessional: 20 Year Celebration with The Get Up Kids

Review and photos by Kate Klaus

While it seems impossible to believe that it has been 20 years since Chris Carrabba founded Dashboard Confessional, it was very apparent within the sold-out crowd at First Avenue that the emotionally charged music was still as powerful to the fans as it was the day it was released.  The energy was palpable, with the crowd buzzing in anticipation of the start of the show. Right before The Get Up Kids were about to take the stage, the house speakers were playing Mr. Brightside by The Killers, and not only was the crowd singing and dancing along, but the band members and crew backstage were as well, sharing the energy in the room, and setting the scene for a dynamic night.  

The Get Up Kids took the stage first, and brought their classic pop-punk energy to the room.  Matt Pryor’s vocals filled the room, as bassist Rob Pope danced and jumped around on stage, show that the late 90s energy that the band was known for is still just as dynamic in their present performance.  Their set left the crowd fired up and ready for Dashboard Confessional to start.  

As Chris Carrabba took the stage to begin Dashboard Confessional’s set with a solo performance of “The Best Deceptions”, the animated energy was replaced by a deeply reflective mood, as the crowd was transfixed by his passionate and expressive delivery of the emotionally charged lyrics.  As he finished and the full band began to take the stage, the charged energy began to return, and the crowd exploded into cheers as they launched into the opening notes of “Vindicated”. Throughout the set, they alternated between high energy hits and deeply emotional moments, staying true to the emotive background of the band 20 years later.  In a recent interview, Carrabba had said “Every few nights I’m transported right back to that kid that just got his heart wrenched away from him”, and it was clear that during this show, the audience not only got to witness this sentiment, but at times were transported back 20 years to their own feelings and experiences. Dashboard Confessional most definitely provided the sold-out crowd at First Ave a beautiful night of connection, music, and memories.