Cradle of Filth – Fine Line – Minneapolis MN – June 1st 2022

The Pit on 93x and First Avenue presents Cradle of Filth.

Review and photo by Tom Sommers

I must hand it to Witchden, they showed up ready to give the audience the whole show. I like when opening acts show up ready to give their best. They played a 7 song set that included “Note to Self”,  “Craving Agony”  and “Ash of the Ancients”. The crowd dug it and I enjoyed it as well. They stayed in character and really tried to draw the audience in.

Frayle was second on the bill tonight.  My first impression was they are a heavy version of Mazzy Star. They are definitely different than the first band and a lot more unique than most metal bands in this genre of music. It goes beyond them having a female singer. Their presentation is very consistent. There is something appealing about Frayle that sets them apart. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I will do a deep dive on their music when I have a chance. The crowd seems to be enjoying them and paying attention. That’s one of the cool things about metal shows like this, the fans are here for the music and not just sitting on their phones.

Cradle of Filth was exactly what I expected them to be. Loud, intense, and relentless. They are a veteran band that has a very loyal following. Its interesting if you have never seen them before. They are visually interesting to watch. The music is very heavy, but the lead singer Dani Filth sings on the high end which is opposite from so many in this genre that sing on the low end. Some refer to the latter as cookie monster vocals.  The crowd was totally into it from the first note to the last. I nice sized mosh pit started by the second song and remained until the end. Everyone appeared to have a great time. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.