Celebrating David Bowie – The Pantages Theater – Minneapolis MN – February 21st 2018

The Pantages theater presents the Celebration of David Bowie.

Tonight was a magical night of David Bowie’s music played by the people who were in his band. Tonight line up consisted of Mike Garson longtime keyboardist – Earl Slick guitars – Gerry Leonard guitars – Carmine Rojas on bass – Gaby Moreno vocals and percussion – Abby Jeanne jazz vocalist from Milwaukee – Mark Plati – Lee John Madeloni – Bernard Fowler on vocals and Joe Sumner, Sting’s sun.

Opening with Bring Me the Disco King with Bernard on vocals I knew he was the man for the job. He did a great performance all night.

They then kicked it into Rebel Rebel. I get goose bumps everytime I hear that guitar riff. Everyone was out on stage for this one.

During the evening it switched around on vocals for each song. Bernard help the lead most of the night but they fit the right epeople with each song.

Earl and Gerry would trade on playing guitars and would sometimes play together. You know when some people come on stage they are rock stars.

That is exactly what Gerry and Earl are. Cool smooth and bad ass guitar players. Just a thrill to get to watch them live.

Joe Sumner took lead vocals on Let’s Dance and Ziggy Stardust and had the place jumping.

It was a nice touch with Mike introducing every song. Kind of a storytellers feel to the evening.

For more info on this incredible show and tour dates click here.

I love these kind of shows cause they are a great celebration of someone’s music but you really just wish they were there. RIP David we miss you.