Buddy Guy – The Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – February 29th 2020

Kyle Hansen RKH Images; (www.rkh-images.com)

Live Nation and The Fillmore Minneapolis presents Buddy Guy

Photos and review by Kyle Hansen

Well it’s not everyday a legend of the blues comes around so no way I was gonna miss this show. Buddy guy is an amazing guitar player and has influenced some names like Keith Richards and Eric Clapton.

This is my first show at the Fillmore so was very excited to see how it is. This is the first seated show at the Fillmore and it is very comfortable walking around. ON the main floor in the back there are two bars with enough bartenders that there is never a line. Upstairs there are reserved seats that sell out very quickly so if you are looking for a upper reserved seat get on it when tickets go on sale. There is a lounge upstairs also called BG’s Lounge to hang in also for drinks. The site lines are great anywhere in the venue. Now for the sound. Every time there is a new venue that is a huge concern. Not here. The Fillmore was built from the ground up and a music venue and it sounds perfect. I usually wear earplugs for shows but I took them out for half the show to hear a true sound. It was loud but not like a Who concert. You could hear everything the drummer did, all the little taps and click on the snare frame. You could hear BUddy’s guitar pick on the strings as soon as it hit the string. The balance was amazing and perfect. Good job Fillmore. Now the real test will be with Testament on May 17th!!

Buddy  Guy started promptly at 9pm and did about a 90 minutes set. First off he is 83 years old, but looks and plays like a much younger man. He started with the amazing tune Damn RIght I got the Blues from the album of the same title. He makes guitar playing look so easy. He is amazing. He did not have a setlist tonight he just went into songs he felt fit the room. Was talking to the sound guy after ward and he does not do a setlist. So did my best to pin point out what he played. Third song in was I Just Wanna Make Love to You. He had us sing the chorus with him and after the first one he said we were fucking up the song. He made us do  it again. Something you should know about Buddy, he has no filter and is hilarious. He was smiling the whole time and just having fun. During Feels Like Rain he played the solo with a drum stick. He then kicked it into Cream’s Strange Brew and went right into Who’s Making Love. During that tune he decided to just walk out into the crowd and play half the sing surrounded by us. Check out our instagram story for video.

During songs he was telling stories and history of the songs he was playing. Well with a blues crowd you get a lot of hecklers. He told on guy to shut the fuck up. All in loving manner of course. He told stories of working with Clapton, The Stones and more. He even played a BB King song by request. He then picks the guitar up and starts playing with he teeth. Must 83 year old men probably don’t even have teeth let alone play guitar with them. Buddy is an amazing entertainer, guitar player, story teller and over all funny guy. He has a number of live dates coming up and if he is anywhere near you GO. Get close to the stage cause at the end he threw out a ton of guitar picks. Not sure who picked the exit music but why would you play Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go at the end of a blues concert?!

He has many dates this year get info and tickets HERE.