Bob Weir and the Wolf Brothers – Palace Theatre – St.Paul, MN – March 1st 2023

Bob Weir and the Wolf Brothers- Palace Theatre St.Paul, MN 3/1/23

In the interest of Full disclosure, I’ve known who Bob Weir is for many years but I’ve never seen him perform live nor have I ever seen the Grateful Dead. Please keep that in mind as you read my review.

I felt like I kind of knew what to expect going in. I’ve heard some of his music over the years as well as the Grateful Dead. Some of the assumptions were correct. There were a lot of Grateful Dead fans there tonight. I also saw people selling stuff outside of the venue that travel around the country following the different band members. They sell tie dyed T-shirts and other memorabilia that helps them pay for tickets, gas and lodging. I’ve always respected the dedication of the fans for this band and this performer.

I’ve always believed that you can’t have a career that Bob Weir has had unless the music is good. It touches so many lives and that was on full display tonight at the Palace Theatre. One of the things I saw that was different, is everyone seemed to enjoy themselves in a very laid-back way. As I looked around many of the fans had their eyes closed as they were listening to the music. What’s always struck me as odd is the ability for so many of these fans to know all of these different songs. They performed Grateful Dead songs, Bob Weir solo songs as well as I believe a few covers. I have to say that I thought the light show was also phenomenal. It had a real 60s feel to it. You can see it a little bit in a few of the photos.

I know that this will never be the same for a lot of the Grateful Dead fans with the death of Jerry Garcia and the fact that the actual Grateful Dead no longer tours. But I think it’s really cool that Bob Weir is out there on the road currently with the Wolf Brothers keeping this music alive and bringing joy to the fans. Even if you’re a casual Grateful Dead fan I think you’re in for a wonderful evening of music.