Blue Ridge Rock Festival – Day 2 – Danville VA – September 10th 2021

Blue Ridge Rock Festival – Day 2

Photo Gallery and review by Brian Curski

Day 2 was a little better getting there, but was certainly the highlight for performances for me personally.  Early band Stitched Up Heart impressed me.  Chris Jericho was a fan favorite playing with Fozzy.  Supergroup D.R.U.G.S (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) was their first show in over six years.  It was a common theme among a lot of bands playing, their first show in 500 days or so, including Asking Alexandria who played later in the day.  Even with favorites of mine like Clutch, Anthrax and Sevendust putting on great sets, the winner of the day was Fever 333.   So much energy and passion from the stage, including when they played while climbing the side scaffolding.    Do not miss them when you have the chance.  Rob Zombie put on a colorful exciting show as the headliner.