Blacktop Mojo – The Cabooze – Minneapolis MN – August 4th 2021

Leo Presents live at The Cabooze Blacktop Mojo

Review by Tommy Sommers

Photos by Kyle Hansen

Blacktop mojo could be one of the greatest bands to come out in the last decade. I know that’s quite a sentence to start with but in my opinion it’s true. Let me make my case…

Quality well written songs, excellent musicianship, determination, drive and heart. Those are the quality that make up this band. I’m new to their catalog and I’m still learning it. I saw them for the first time a few weeks ago at rock fest in Wisconsin. As soon as I saw that they were coming to the Cabooze in Minneapolis, I had to go and see them.

They originated in Texas in a small town called Palestine. They have several CD’s out and new one coming in August of this year. You can find them on Spotify and check them out if you like. I don’t want to box a band into a sound, so I’ll give you this much. They are a southern rock band with a little bit of A twist which is a heavier bottom end.

They’re the kind of band you can go and see live without knowing any of their music and walk away thinking, these guys are incredible. The thing that stuck most with me to this moment now from seeing them in a small club last week is this. They brought it from beginning to end. You’d swear you were watching a band who is headlining Madison Square Garden. As a music fan to see them play for almost 2 hours non-stop with everything they’ve got, how can you not appreciate that. That alone should make you want to go check them out. They are currently on tour click HERE for info.