Black Label Society – Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – October 19th 2021

A great metal tour came to The Fillmore Minneapolis in October, when Black Label Society brought along legends Obituary and Prong.
Zakk Wylde was his usual high energy self, and the rest of the band was tight as they usually are.  The crowd was there to honor their guitar god, and solos washed over them.  The pounding of Overload, hearing the new song Set Me Free (out on the new album Doom Crew Inc now), and the Dimebag tribute In This River were the highlights for me.  Guitarist Dario Lorina also took some solos, which leads to some great back and forth, and some harmonics. The only thing missing from a usual BLS show was the guitar solo from the crowd and the possibly the whole building, I’m assuming due to Covid.
I had not seen Obituary since the mid 90s, but they still bring the thrash as well as anyone.  It was fun to relive being a death metal kid these days.   Prong was great as well, leaning a lot on the 90s for their setlist.  The vocals and guitar screams of “Whose Fist Is This Anyway” just beg to be screamed back to the band on stage.
A great metal show is hard to beat.  This one delivered exactly what everyone there wanted!


Black Label Society