Billy Joel / Stevie NIcks – US Bank Stadium – MInneapolis MN – November 10th 2023

Going in I thought this would be another perfect bill of complementary music and it sure was. I have always followed both of these artists since I was a kid. My neighbors sister Sue had the Piano Man lp and in 1975 my brother gave me the Fleetwood Mac lp that was Stevies first with the band. He was trying to break me from the Kiss bubble with no luck. Although I love that album and all of the other work she has done.
To say Stevie Nicks still sounds amazing is an understatement. Younger performers could learn some things from her. As always, I seem to enjoy the lesser know songs that she does. But I must say she changed the arrangement of some of her most popular songs like Edge of Seventeen which kept the song really fresh. The Rolling Stones seem to have mastered that as well. I have to think her long time guitar player Waddy Wachtel had a hand in it.
She is still as great as the first time I saw her perform back in the early 1980’s. She is a national treasure and her music is timeless. Go see her the next chance you get. You will not be disappointed.
Billy Joel and his band like always, was spot on musically. He has a great repore with his audience and an amazing 50 year catalog to choose from.
He played most of the hits you qould expect him to play but tends to mix it up from night to night. I was a really strong performance but I have 1 complaint. When you are an artist of his caliber, you should not be playing cover songs like Start Me up. I would much rather hear any one of 100 other songs that Billy wrote himself.
You can’t look at past set lists because he always throws in some curve balls. I will always go to see him live. It reminds me of why I love live music so much.