Behemoth – The Cabooze – Minneapolis MN July 14th 2017

Behemoth at The Cabooze

The crowd knew what they were in for the moment Nergal, the frontman of Behemoth, walked on stage with torches in hand. He knelt in front of all, praying to his God before opening with Blow your Trumpets Gabriel, a tradition of the band since the release of The Satanist in 2014. Though engaging the audience with chants and exciting movement on the small Cabooze stage, the mystery never fades as Satan himself joins drummer Inferno and the silhouette of Devils at the end of O Father O Satan O Sun. Being around as long as they have, Behemoth never lost their touch and continue to improve their already impressive performance. Even though this was a smaller venue they played and they still had amazing sound and amazing lighting. That’s very impressive to be able to pull that off! Overall the performance was off the charts, this band is a must see!

Setlist – Blow Your trumpet Gabriel – Conquer All – Messe Noire – Decade of Therion – Alas, Lord is Upon Me – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer – Antichristian Phenomenon – Ben Sahar – Ov Fire the Void – O Father O satan O Sun – Ah the Left Hand Ov God – Slave Shall Serve – Chant for Eschaton 2000 – Pure Evil