Baroness – First Avenue – MInneapolis MN – November 17th 2023

The Pit and 93x present Baroness with special guests Chat Pile and Spotlights

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

The day started with an in store at local legends Down in the Valley. They played a four tunes. The Dirge – Last Word – Bloom and March to the Sea all performed by John and Gina. The rest of the band came out and signed stuff after the performance. There was a great turnout and DITV hired a sound guy to make the show sound amazing. If you are ever in Minnesota make sure to check them out and all the other local record store around.

Spotlights opened the show and they were an interesting band. They formed in 2016 and have a few releases under their belt. They did a smaller set but had the crowd going with their spacey strange metal. It was not my cup of tea but everyone else seemed to like them. If you are into strange dark distorted metal you may want to check them out.


Chat Pile was next. These guys reminded me of when your friends band would play a local bar and you would go just to support them. They aren’t that good but you still go. I really didn’t  dig the sound, hey were just loud and seemed kind of thrown together. . But saying that there was a ton of people singing along and knew the songs. So that is what the important thing is.

Chat Pile

Baroness hit the stage at 100 percent and didn’t stop til the end. This band is amazing in concert. They have been coming to town since 2008 an dI have seen them a few times. Their skill and talent is unprecedented. Gina on guitar is worth the ticket alone. Her playing if off the charts. But then you throw the rest of the band and you get a combo of amazing heavy metal. I would cauterize them as more technical heavy metal as it is so different then anything else. Their latest release is Stone. The setlist was mostly from that album and the rest from their other releases Blue Record, Pruple, Yellow & Green, Gold & Grey and Red. The whole show from them was amazing.

Setlist – Last Word – A Horse Called Golgotha – March to the Sea – Beneath the Rose – Green Theme – Under the Wheel – War, Wisdom and Rhyme – Andoyne – Chlorine and Wine – Kerosene – Tourniquet – Shock Me – Isak – The Sweetest Curse – Take My Bones Away