Ashnikko – The Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – September 15th 2023

Ashnikko – The Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – September 15th 2023

Ashnikko brought their Weedkiller Tour to the Fillmore on Friday, September 5th, to promote their new album of the same name that came out less than a month ago. The show was sold out and when I arrived shortly before doors, the line wound around the little parking lot and looped up and down the sidewalk. People were hyped.

Opening for her was singer/rapper Audrey Nuna, who took the stage ferociously. She was nearly constantly moving her whole set and really got the crowd’s already vivacious energy up even more. I’m not a big listener of rap, but I cannot deny that listening to it live, I can’t deny how infectious the energy is.

Ashnikko took the stage and the screams were about non-stop, high and piercing. All I can really say is that I think if you have the chance to see them perform, that you should. It was just a downright fun show.

She first gained attention with “Stupid.” The song went viral. TikTok users loved it. Her confident delivery stood out. She quickly amassed a following.  Her visuals are striking. Music videos are vibrant and creative. She often uses fantasy elements. This adds to her unique brand. Fans are captivated by her originality.  Her debut mixtape, “Demidevil,” was a hit. It showcased her versatility. Songs like “Daisy” and “Deal With It” became anthems. Each track had a distinct vibe. The mixtape received critical acclaim.  Her live performances are energetic. She commands the stage. Her presence is magnetic.

Fans are drawn to her charisma. Concerts are high-energy events.  Collaborations highlight her adaptability. She has worked with Grimes and Kelis. These tracks show her range. Each collaboration brings something new.

Ashnikko is a uniquely queer type of weird, in the best way. Her music is raunchy, gay, fun, and cool, and her stage presence was phenomenal. The music was catchy and her voice was on point. There were two background dancers and almost every song was choreographed. I have a special respect for performers who can sing/rap that well when also performing intense dance routines. She’s always had a very unique and iconic aesthetic, so I was expecting the show to be a similar visual spectacle, and they did not disappoint. It was one of the most fun performances I’ve gotten to photograph/witness in a long time.

Definitely check out their new album Weedkiller, and next time they’re coming through town, I’d 100% recommend.

Review and photos by Sophiea Owen