Andy Summers – Fitzgerlad Theater – St. Paul MN – September 6th 2023

The Current and The Fitzgerald Theater present an evening with Andy Summers

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

So the two day event began with the purchase of Any’s new book Fretted and Moaning. 45 tales tale include a guitar. I have not read it yet but will soon and do a review. Local record store The Electric Fetus put the book on pre order with a special q&a and sigining thew night before the show. The q&a was great. He talked a lot about his time with the Police, his photography and influences from his life. He was wonderful enough to sign the book and one other item. I brought a guitar to get signed and he did a great signature on it for me.

The show it’s self was different then I thought it was gonna be. I knew it as all instrumental but it was a very mellow laid back feel. I love it. The tone reminded me of the type of show you think Pink Floyd would have had back in the late sixties. Andy came out to a huge round of applause and stared to tell us about his photography. He then played the tracks while his photos were played on a big giant screen. being a photographer I found it very inspirational watching the show. But I had a hard time deciding what to watch, Andy playing or the photos. So it was like a tennis match back n forth back n forth. His photos spanned the globe with all his travels and a bunch from his time with The Police. He also edited the photos to have some movement with them. A real cool feature. He also told stories between songs about what each song was about and how it plays in with the photos. He did four Police tunes instrumental style. Roxanne, Tea in the Sahara, Spirits in the Material World, Bring on the Night and Message in a Bottle. And as a photographer I couldn’t go without snapping a couple shots. Overall it was an amazing get together with Andy Summers.

Setlist – True Nature – Metal Dog – The Bones of Twang Zu – The Last Dance of Mr X – Tes in the Sahara – Round Midnight – Spain – Manha de carnaval – A Felliciade – Triboluminescence – Black Opheus – Spirits in the Material World – Bring on the Night – Message in the Bottle