Adam Sandler – Treasure Island Resort & Casino – Welch MN – May 31st 2019

5/31/2019 Adam Sandler @ Treasure Island Resort & Casino Welch, MN

It was like deja vu all over again. I went to see Adam Sandler at the outdoor theater at Treasure Island back in 2017 and that show was almost like a Saturday Night Live reunion. It was a stellar lineup consisting of SNL alumni Rob Schneider, David Spade and Adam Sandler, and  so non-SNL alum, Minnesota’s own Nick Swardson (Fun fact, he used to work at the Planet Hollywood at Mall of America back in the day.) It was a hilarious show This year, Rob Schneider was back as one of the ‘surprise guests’ opening for “the Sand-man” (the nickname Sandler kept referring to himself as.) Schneider did a really solid set with jokes ranging from Jeff Bezo’s losing billions in his divorce (‘Jeff Bezos’ new girlfriend better have a ferris wheel in her vagina’ to talking about ‘reverse racism’. Aging and the lack of testosterone was another topic he spoke of a lot, saying that he is at an age now where he ‘didn’t need to sleep with anyone  because he has soup instead.’

After Rob Schneider’s set, Adam Sandler came out right away (i had thought there might be a few more surprise guests in between, but there wasn’t.) ‘The Sandman’ loves to sing songs during his comedy shows. Right off the bat, Sandler began singing about “UFC ears” and had fun but kind of gross looking animation of psychedelic ears on the big screen to go with it. He had a LOT of other songs too.  Some of the songs rhymed and some didn’t. He debuted one song that was about a guy at a hotel getting a massage that had a slide show which showed a little more Rob Schneider than i would ever want to see.  He had songs about Uber drivers, OCD and a very long song about his red hooded sweatshirt. Besides the songs, Sandler had a lot of jokes about domestic life with his wife and two kids. He talked about his wife always wanting to light candles and he had to balance between not burning the house down and romancing his sexually frustrated wife. Sandler also mentioned how much he loved Minnesota and mentioning that, when he was a kid, his favorite team temporarily switched to the Vikings. One surprising thing that I witnessed was someone who approached the stage and threw something towards Sandler’s feet. Normally at a concert a fan might throw a drink or a piece of clothing on stage, but this person threw a bottle of bug spray to Sandler’s feet, which he promptly put on. Minnesota Nice was in full effect.

The second to last song was the Chris Farley song, It is one that is a staple of his tour, but it didn’t become well known until his recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig. It is very touching and genuine tribute to the late comedian and you can tell that Sandler misses Farley a lot.

Overall the concert was great, fun show at a great outdoor venue that was even better than the first time i was there back in 2017.

Review Todd Johnson