Juliana Hatfield – The Turf Club – St Paul MN – Oct 9th, 2023

Juliana Hatfield – The Turf Club, St Paul MN – Oct 9th, 2023

Juliana Hatfield performing live at the Turf Club in St. Paul, MN was a lovely retro indie rock experience. With her signature blend of raw emotion and guitar-driven melodies, Hatfield captivated the audience from the moment she stepped on stage, which should be noted she did so solo with just her guitar. Her powerful vocals, tinged with a sense of nostalgia, resonated through the intimate venue, creating an atmosphere of both vulnerability and strength. The setlist was a journey through her extensive catalog, featuring beloved classics and newer tracks that showcased her enduring songwriting prowess. She also did some lovely cover renditions from The Police, Olivia Newton John and her upcoming cover album of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).

The Turf Club’s intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for this musical experience, allowing fans to connect with Hatfield on a personal level. The overall vibe gave us a very “90s coffee house” feel. Between songs, her candid anecdotes and witty banter added an extra layer of intimacy to the evening, making the audience feel like they were spending time with an old friend. She is just as cute and quirky, in the best way possible, as back in the 90s. She had some technical sound difficulties along the way, however that appeared to be more of a nuisance to her rather than affecting the audience experience. Overall, Juliana Hatfield’s show at the Turf Club was a remarkable demonstration of her enduring artistry, and it left the crowd with a profound appreciation for her contribution to the world of indie rock.

Review by Amie Bresnahan photos by Ryan Bresnahan