Twin Temple – The Fine Line – Minneapolis MN – October 18th 2022

Twin Temple–The Fine Line–Minneapolis MN–October 18th 2022
Review and photos by Sophiea Owen

Stopping at The Fine Line on their accurately dubbed “Satanic Orgy USA 2022,” TwinTemple brought the heat and the appropriate vibes to a chilly Tuesday night in October.

The night started out strong with the Bridge City Sinners from Portland, Oregon. I had-never heard of them before but they definitely impressed me immediately. They’re what I can best describe as satanic bluegrass peppered with folk metal. They have a pretty standard bluegrass sound, but with heavy metal screams thrown in for good measure. The entire group was vibing so well with each other, and their singer’s almost demonic energy was theatrical and engaging. I will definitely be looking into them!

A fairly recent group to hit the scene, Twin Temple is Alexandra James (vocalist) andZachary James (guitarist). They have enchanted listeners with their smooth 50s/60s rock and roll sound, with strong satanic themes. It is music by Satanists, for Satanists. I’ve been a huge fan of them for a few years. Opening for Ghost a tour or so back definitely brought them to their audience I’m sure, and the place was absolutely packed. The entire show was very ritualistic, and many a “Hail Satan” was shouted. They began the night calling upon the dark lord to help us abolish sexism, racism, ableism, and every other societal hypocrisy, and then urged everyone to have fun in the name of Satan. It was an emotionally drenched performance, but also one of the most fun I’ve seen in a while. Alexandra, the vocalist, dominated the crowd with her powerhouse and perfect vocals. From their entire aesthetic, to the way they looked at each other on stage, to the ritualistic aspects of the show, the two front leaders were absolutely captivating. It was ultimately a night of love, acceptance, rock and roll, and hailing Satan.

Satanism has been mostly dominated by metal in terms of genre, and it’s super refreshing to see these themes explored in other genres, and so perfectly executed. TwinTemple assures you that Satan is for everyone! I will be seeing them every chance I can get.