3 Doors Down – The Armory – Minneapolis MN – July 26th 2018

Local hometown band, Soul Asylum, started off the night. I’ve seen these guys several times and they are always fun to see. The band is most known for their hit song, “Runaway Train”, which has received a Grammy in 1993. The song was featured on the album, Grace Dancers Union’, in which has been certified triple-platinum.

Collective Soul puts on a very enchanting performance. This was my first time seeing them and I was super impressed. Lead singer Ed Roland dances across the floor and twirls his microphone stand. After their song entitled, “Shine”, was released onto the student radio station in Atlanta, the song blew up. Atlantic Records then signed Collective Soul a contract due to the popularity of the song. Their debut album, which was a previous demo re-released through Atlantic, they gained international recognition and the album went double-platinum. The band received a ton of success in the 90’s with their self-titled second album (1995), in which it has been RIAA triple platinum certified as well as charted a 76-week run on the Billboard 200. The band’s most recent release is, “Collective Soul – Live”, on December 8, 2017, which contained performances from their 2016 and 2017 tours. I would most certainly see these guys live again when they come back around; they were surprisingly more energetic than you would think with their music.

3 Doors down formed in 1996 in Escatawpa, Mississippi. Their name originated from the original band members walking through Foley, Alabama and saw a building where some letter had fallen off a sign and it read “Doors Down”, and since there were three members at the time they added the three in front of it. When the band gave their EP version of “Kryptonite” to a local radio station it became the number 1 requested song on the station for 15 weeks. Their first studio album, The Better Life (2000), became the 11th best-selling album of the year, selling over three million copies, and has now been 6x platinum certified. Most of their well-known songs, “Kryptonite”, “Loser”, and “Duck and Run” were on the debut album. The band continued on the path of popularity with their release of, Away from the Sun (2002), their second album, went platinum within two months of release, selling over three million copies in the U.S. and over four million copies worldwide, by 2005 the band’s album selling totals were over 12 million. Although their music has been a huge success, in which is well deserved considering almost everyone has heard a 3 Doors Down song at some point in their life, their stage presence is fascinating to go along with it. Lead singer Brad Arnold is all smiles when he looks into the crowd and singing and everyone is there singing back or dancing. If you have never been to a 3 Doors Down concert you will most certainly have a good time, be dancing, or singing along the whole time.

Review and photos by Kaila Turck