Toto – State Theater – Minneapolis MN – March 22nd 2023

Toto: Dogz Of Oz Tour presented by Live Nation and NS2

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

The day started with me asking my sister if she would like to go to Toto. She didn’t want to go at first but right before I left she showed up and said she wanted to go. She recently retired and is in town watching a friends house. She doesn’t go to many concerts so I was glad she decided to come with. We got to the State Theater and by the time we got in saw several people I knew. She then got us a Roseanna specialty drink. Lots of rum and was pretty good.

So heading in I was just thinking we are going to see Toto, cool. I saw Steve Lukeather with Ringo Starr a few years ago and it was great. The place was close to a sell out and there was a great vibe in the room. They opened up with Afraid of Love of IV. The band sounded perfect from the git go. Then right into Hold the Line. My buddy and I used to sign this song all the time as kids and it still has a special place in my heart. I love this song. Falling in Between from the 2006 album with the same name. The band explained they were on tour with Journey and tonight was an off night so why not do a headlining gig here in town. Which was met with huge applause. As the night went on and I watched the band these guys are pros. There is talent then there is another level. These guys are on the other level. First the signer Joseph Williams is son of John Williams. Yeah that John Williams, Jaws, Star Wars, Harry Potter we know them all. So his signing his spot on. He joined in the mid 80’s for a while and came back around 2010. John Pierce on bass has done a ton of work with almost everyone. Warren Ham on sax and every other instrument has been with them since the 80’s. Robert “Sput” Searight on drums. He just won a grammy with his other band Snarky Puppy. Dominique “Xavier” Taplin on keyboard. He toured with Prince a few years back. Steve Maggiora on the other keyboards and backing vocals. The harmonies that they create with all the background singers is perfect. MOPre bands should have these kinds of harmonies. This level of talent on stage makes it seem so easy to do what they are doing. We had keyboard solo, drum solo and Steve’s amazing guitar solo. Hats off guys. The rest of the set had the yacht rock hit Georgy Porgy, I’ll Supply the Love, Rosanna and of course closing out with Africa. It was great, after Roseanna Steve yells, “you wanna hear that song?” a few times. We all knew what he meant. It is so funny how aAfrica has taken on a world of it’s own. Even Weezer covered it. And as a compliment Toto covered their hit Hash Pipe. The encore was With A Little Help from My Friends. If you have never heard a live Beatles tune this is worth the price of the ticket alone. There is something about hearing live Beatles music that gets the emotions going.

As I looked at my sister all night she was smiling all through out the night. She kept saying “Oh I remember that one”. I am so glad she came with and had a great time. Go see them with Journey or if they are in your town headlining do not miss it.

Set List – Afraid of Love – Hold the Line – Falling in Between – I’ll Be Over You – White Sister – Georgy Porgy – Pamlea – Kingdom of Desire – You Are the Flower – Waiting for Your Love – I’ll Supply the Love – Home of the Brave – Roseanna – Africa – With a Little Help from My Friends