Pentatonix – Target Center – Minneapolis MN – December 18th 2021

The Target Center presents Pentatonix 

Review and photos by Tommy Sommers

I’m typically not one for Christmas shows. it’s not that I don’t appreciate Christmas music it’s more that things have become so commercialized that some of the spirit has been lost. I’m not standing on a soapbox preaching just simply saying from my point of view it takes away the specialness of the season when the Christmas music is starting weeks before even Thanksgiving happens.

I went to this concert because Pentatonix is one of my daughter’s favorite vocal groups. She really wanted to see the show, so I thought why not have a father/daughter date night. I have seen them in concert before and I’ve always liked their music. But this holiday show was something special. I have to say it was nothing short of spectacular. I was pleasantly surprised because I when not really expecting anything.

Their selection of songs was fantastic which added to the evening. I did not realize that Evergreen is their 7th Christmas CD. That gave them an awful lot of material to choose from. I can’t pick out one song that was a highlight for me but more the entire production. I left with a feeling that I used to get over Christmas season listening to these songs. I think partially because the band believed in these songs so much and you could just hear the passion in their voices.

Unfortunately, I believe they’re only doing around 11 shows for this Christmas tour. So…..

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