Jimmie Vaughan at Dakota – October 26th

It might be more important than ever to get out and experience any of the live music that you’ve considered seeing in the past when the opportunity presents itself.  Sticking with the “I’ll catch it next time they come to town” approach has even more potential to end up as “I wish I would have”.

One show that sticks out as a must see for my taste is Jimmie Vaughan’s October 26th stop at Dakota on his The Story Tour.  It’s a celebration of his life in the blues and is in support of a limited-edition box set that was recently released.

I hope you are among the lucky ticket holders who jumped on this opportunity as it’s already sold-out.  Check back with 1013 Music Reviews to find out our take on the show.

Dakota’s diverse list of shows is growing every week and can be viewed here.