Firehouse – Medina Ballroom – Medina MN – February 12th 2022

Review and photos by Tommy Sommers

First up was The Sweet. By now I’m assuming most of you are aware that they no longer have any original members in the band. Unfortunately, original bass player Steve Priest passed away just a few years ago. Ironically his very last show was at the Medina ballroom. I must hand it to the Medina. They keep bringing the rock bands to town. Next Month, The Tubes are coming, so check their online calendar for the full schedule.

The band is trying to carry on his vision of the legacy of The Sweet. I was very excited to see them because I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. It seemed like every time, they played here I never got the opportunity. I have to say I was deeply disappointed last night. I know The Sweet catalog well and not only did they omit a lot of incredible songs, but they also wasted the crowd’s time with over 30 minutes of nonsense. From a drum solo to songs that nobody knows. After they made it through that then they started to play a medley of some of the best songs by The Sweet.

I knew going in there were no original members. Some people think that’s blasphemy, I can’t argue that point if that is how you feel. The band is talented they just chose the wrong songs in my opinion. I always look to Foreigner as an example. There’s not one original member in that band and they’re better now than they were when they were original. It can be done. I watched the crowd more than I did the band. It’s never a good sign when people are looking at their phones and not watching the performance. I know I’m nothing more than a music fan, but I do respect the music of The Sweet. If I could give one piece of advice to the current band, reassess what you’re doing here guys. You’re blowing a great opportunity.

On the opposite end of the spectrum the headliner Firehouse did exactly what the fans wanted. They gave them a high energy rock and roll performance. They’re seasoned veterans that know exactly what their fans want. And that’s exactly what the fans got. If you don’t know much about Firehouse and you like 80s rock, you owe it to yourself to give them a listen. They’re very solid band with a great catalogue of music. At times I think they just got overlooked a bit because some of the other bands from that era took so much more of the attention.

One of the things I can say that I really respect about Firehouse is they are a fans band. They are out there just like Cheap Trick playing nonstop. I’ve seen them so many times and have grown to like them more every time I see them. Thy are another band who will probably keep playing till they can’t anymore. My recommendation is giving them a listen. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.